Custom Garden Furniture Covers

Custom Garden Furniture Covers

Our custom garden furniture covers will provide essential protection from ultra-violet light, dirt and adverse weather conditions, keeping your garden furniture protected.

It takes seconds to put a cover on your expensive outdoor furniture or barbecue, keeping them protected from the traditional British Summer weather. Our customers can keep the cushions on their garden seats over the summer, knowing they will be protected by one of our custom garden furniture covers.

A well fitting custom garden furniture cover will also enable you to store your larger garden items outdoors during the winter, freeing up valuable storage space in your shed or garage. We do, however, recommend that cushions should be stored away in a dry environment like a shed or garage over winter. This will ensure they are not damaged by condensation forming under the PVC cover.


Custom Garden Furniture Covers

We can manufacture covers to fit your chairs, table, bench, patio set, hammock, swing seat, barbeque or anything else you need to cover in your garden. We can make a custom garden furniture cover from your measurements and our experienced staff will guide you to the specific measurements required for your item of garden furniture.

We use a durable 580 gsm PVC coated polyester for our custom garden furniture covers with brass eyelets and 6mm shock cord or rope. We have a range of different colours available and can also provide digitally printed covers.

We can also offer a repair service, carrying out small and large repairs to PVC garden furniture covers. We are able to make repairs on weldable PVC coated fabrics using portable hot air welding equipment. We have also provided our customers with replacement PVC canopies for their swing seats if they have gone beyond repair.

Give us a call to discuss the type of cover you need – no cover is too big or too small.

We have seen a rise in the number of customers asking for custom made screens to protect garden buildings.

Our custom made screens can include clear PVC panels, roll up openings and easily removable panels for your garden buildings.

Give us a call to discuss your custom PVC screen requirments.

Do you have hedges or bushes in your garden that need trimming?

We can manufacture a reusable PVC sheet with eyelets for securing that will make the clearing up of hedge and bush clippings easier and faster.

We can supply various sizes for your gardening needs.